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As the cicadas wind down we are now seeing yellow Sally’s and caddis. The big bug is still working on the river, but many fish are also refusing it. We always have a blast when Rick and Dave come out from Tennessee, they are hardcore Anglers and so fun to be around! They landed a ton of nice fish!

Dave with a beautiful Rainbow!
Rick with a big Brown!


Since the flows have dropped the fishing has been great. Small dry flies are working well as there is a large Caddis hatch daily, Yellow Sallies have died off for the most part but can still be seen. Swarms of small midges have been erupting. Nymph fishing is good right now- try a scud or pheasant tail. Streamer fishing is also good!

Thunderstorms have been happening every afternoon so make sure you bring a raincoat when you come up!



The Green River below Flaming Gorge Dam has higher than average flows this spring. Release flows jumped up to 8600 CFS today. There’s a nice BWO hatch on, and streamer fishing has been good. A heavy nymph rig typically does well in high water. Wading will be difficult and is not recommended; fishing from a drift should be good though! Get out there and stay safe!