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We recently had the pleasure of taking 85 year old Bill out on the drift boat for 3 days of guided fly fishing on the Green River, UT just below Flaming Gorge Dam. Bill did an amazing job landing several fish on dry flies on sections A, B, and C. Although the Cicada hatch was for the most part absent this year, the Caddis and Yellow Sally hatches are in full swing– fortunately sticking around longer than typical and will hopefully carry over into August. Bill was a pleasure to be around and definitely still on top of the game both physically and mentally. Thanks for letting us guide you Bill! (Guide: Nick Jackson)



The 17 year Cicada hatch is set to emerge in the Northeast this year. Looks like a few states are going to have some killer dry fly action! Hopefully we also get some love from our beloved clicky friend out west on the Green River, Utah.

This article has a great video on the behavior of the Cicada. Read about this interesting insect and the full Science Alert article here.


Are you ready for the river? We are! Tying your own flies can be very rewarding- not only does it go a little easier on the pocket book, it also allows for customizing each buggy detail to your liking. If you’re not one to DIY on these tiny flies we have you covered- Guide Nick Jackson is a pro on the vice and includes all of the necessary flies to his clients. We’re looking forward to the amazing Blue Wing Olive (BWO) hatch on Utah’s Green River this spring. The BWO hatch is at it’s best in April during overcast days. We can’t wait to see you there! -bring your dry flies.

Green River Flies

Trout TV Show on the Green River, UT

Green River Guide Nick Jackson and Trout TV Show Host Hilary Hutcheson kill it during the Cicada hatch last July in Utah. Trout Creek Flies hosted the two day trip and fly fishing the Green could not have gone better. The episode airs for free for 7 days online on Trout TV Show’s website- Green River Episode.

Trout Creek Flyfisher


Trout TV Show airs May 16, 2015: featuring Nick Jackson and Hilary Hutcheson on Utah’s Green River

GOPR1385Awesome cicada hatch from July 2014. Watch guide Nick Jackson of Trout Creek Flyfisher and host Hilary Hutcheson light it up on the Green River, UT.

 May 16, 2015 TROUT TV SHOW, check your local listings.

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