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Green River Guides Gene Gautieri, Bo Johnson, and Nick Jackson had the chance to float the A section just below Flaming Gorge Dam last week. The trip was a special one- not only because these are some of top guides for the Green River, UT all having the same day off to fun float during mid-summer, or for the fact that the dry fly fishing is at it’s peak–  this trip was extra special because it produced a MONSTER brown 24+ inches– something we hear about once a season- if we’re lucky.

Geno, a veteran guide on the Green of over 20 years, hooked this MASSIVE brown trout near 25 inches the afternoon of the trio’s float. The big boy ate a triple double and took 20 minutes to reel in. Nice job Geno– you deserve this fish! Thank you for being a pro at catching, and releasing– it took some serious skill to get this one to the net.

Gene's Big Brown


Trout TV Show on the Green River, UT

Green River Guide Nick Jackson and Trout TV Show Host Hilary Hutcheson kill it during the Cicada hatch last July in Utah. Trout Creek Flies hosted the two day trip and fly fishing the Green could not have gone better. The episode airs for free for 7 days online on Trout TV Show’s website- Green River Episode.

Trout Creek Flyfisher