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Inflows did not reach expected capacity for Flaming Gorge Reservoir during April and May, therefore the Bureau of Reclamation has decided to decrease flows to 6600 CFS for the next couple of weeks. Expect flows to increase again around the end of the month.


River fishing is good right now. The water is at 9100 cfs so high water is still rushing. Blue Wings continue to hatch and there is some dry fly fishing. Fish are suspended in the back eddies eating BWO’s in the afternoons. We have been seeing Cicadas on the A section; if there are a whole bunch there could be some dry fly action on big bugs.

The lake fishing on Flaming Gorge has been good with Flying Ant hatches happening and rainbows coming out of the spawn. We have been getting rainbows on attractor patterns dropped with a Zebra Midge or stripping leech like patterns. An olive or black Zig-Jig is also working well.

Stay safe and enjoy this nice weather!


Snowpack levels are above average and near 200% this year. Expect higher than average water flows through at least March 2017. See info from the Bureau of Reclamation below (to read the full article click the link here):

“(Last Updated:February 13, 2017)

Releases are currently 1,800 cfs and will be increasing within the allowable parameters of the Record of Decision, limiting increases to 50 cfs/day through the end of February. Releases will be increased to 3,000 cfs through March 2, 2017, according to the linked schedule. The February water supply forecast of the April through July unregulated inflow volume into Flaming Gorge Reservoir is 1.65 million acre-feet (169 percent of average).  Additional storms throughout the basin increased the current projection to 2 maf (~200 percent of average).  Current snowpack is 180 percent of median and we have received 124 percent of the seasonal peak for the Upper Green Basin with additional storm systems anticipated through February.  

Flaming Gorge will be operated with the utmost caution to address the forecasted runoff.  Extended bypass releases will be required to manage the runoff this year.  Reclamation is advising all its stakeholders early of the extended bypass releases so that planning for the season may occur.   

The Yampa River Basin has not seen commensurate snowpack accumulation to the Upper Green. The February final forecast for Yampa River flows during the April-July period is 1.4 maf (113 percent of average), with the most recent raw model guidance decreasing to 1.377 maf.  Yampa River flows are largely uncontrolled, which means the current forecast provides potential relief to forecasted peak magnitude flows this spring as compared against 2011.  There is always the potential of increased snow accumulation within the Yampa River Basin, so please plan accordingly. 

 Unregulated inflow into Flaming Gorge Reservoir during the month of January was 49,000 af, or 122 percent of average. The reservoir elevation is 6,022.9 (82 percent of live capacity) and decreasing. 

The February final forecast for inflows for the next three months projects above average conditions: February, March and April forecasted inflow volumes at 50,000 af (112 percent of average), 135,000 af (132 percent of average), and 225,000 af (169 percent of average), respectively. “

See the full article here


Winter rates have started at many of the lodges up on the Green River Utah below Flaming Gorge Dam. It’s a great time to get out and enjoy the crisp fall weather with less crowds and save some coin in the pocketbook.  The Brown Trout are starting to spawn, which means good fishing– look for shallow, gravel bottoms and throw an egg in shades of chartreuse, pink, orange, or opaque.  On overcast days huck a streamer!

Winward Big Brown