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Green River Guides Gene Gautieri, Bo Johnson, and Nick Jackson had the chance to float the A section just below Flaming Gorge Dam last week. The trip was a special one- not only because these are some of top guides for the Green River, UT all having the same day off to fun float during mid-summer, or for the fact that the dry fly fishing is at it’s peak–  this trip was extra special because it produced a MONSTER brown 24+ inches– something we hear about once a season- if we’re lucky.

Geno, a veteran guide on the Green of over 20 years, hooked this MASSIVE brown trout near 25 inches the afternoon of the trio’s float. The big boy ate a triple double and took 20 minutes to reel in. Nice job Geno– you deserve this fish! Thank you for being a pro at catching, and releasing– it took some serious skill to get this one to the net.

Gene's Big Brown