RUNOFF SEASON- HIGH WATER posted an article this morning about four great fishing spots to hit during spring runoff. The article focuses on the different types of waters to fish, and includes several locations under each type- with the green river being listed under their tail water section. It’s a good read and a great reference to some local areas for spring fishing. Read the whole article here.

Get out there and have fun! Be looking for Flaming Gorge Dam release of high water coming out soon- CFS expected to be between 4600 and 8600. The Bureau of Reclamation estimates high water to be in the next few weeks –“Larval emergence of razorback sucker are dependent upon both the Yampa River peak flow and the number of degree days above 14C in the Green River.  Scientists confirmed yesterday that the estimates remain for larval emergence to occur during the last week in May into the first week of June, although uncertainty exists and actual observed larvae will be used for the spring peak trigger.” Read the whole article here.