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  1. I had a very successful day with Nick yesterday on the Green River. Foremost his skill and knowledge of fishing and conditions are remarkable and belie his age and experience. He is a superb guide and what impressed me before I met him personally was his honesty and regard towards a client when he called me before a scheduled float and advised me that conditions were not favorable and gave me the opportunity to reschedule a float.

  2. My brother, Norm and I, are coming to stay in the Red Canyon Lodge on the evening of the 15th, we could get there mid day on the 15th and fish a 1/2 day or the same the next day for either 1/2 or a full day. Do you have any guides available? I am a very experienced fly guy living in Vancouver, BC, my brother is just starting to get the bug and lives in Utah. We have never fished the Green River. Are you available?

  3. My wife and I are looking for a mid-week bargain float trip. We are good casters and experienced fly fishermen. We should be in the Green River area in mid to late July.

  4. Dave and I spent 9 days in the Green river area fishing the Green and the reservoir. We had a guided trip with Nick on our second day in order to learn the river for the rest of the week. Nick was an awesome guide. He is one of the few guides who knows how to jig fish as well as fly fish. We are jig fisherman and Nick showed us the ropes on the Green. He explained the river to us and which sections tended to hold more fish . We caught 40-50 fish a piece on this trip. Definitely the best guide trip that I have ever been on. I plan on using Nick again the next time I fish the Green River.

  5. Just finished a trip day trip on the A section with Nick. I warned him I was a beginner. I told him up front I wanted to learn about the Fly Fishing experience, and the number of fish caught in my mind was a secondary consideration. Fortunately for me, Nick is not only incredibly knowledgeable about the water we were on, not only a consummate fisherman himself, but is also a wonderful instructor with excellent communication skills.
    Nick first off showed me all the beginning knots. He showed me the basics on “Bump” nymph fishing , Classic nymph fishing, and Dry Fly fishing. He took the time to pull the boat over, get out of it and bring me three rocks off the bottom of the river to show and teach me a little entomology. I learned enough that I can now go out and use this information to better enjoy my own self guided trips. Besides all the great learning, beautiful scenery, amazing lunch, and good company,we caught both Browns and Bows all day long. I was fortunate to catch multiple fish on all three different techniques. We caught over a dozen fish with several in the 16 to 18 inch category, and of course a big one that got away.
    I really enjoyed my first day of fly fishing. I’m hooked and can’t wait to get out to continue the learning process.
    Thanks Nick for a great Trip.
    I’ll be back next year.

  6. Spent three days on the Green with Nick during the last week of Sept, 2016. Since I am not really a fly fisherman but love to jig fish, Nick was recommended to me last year as a great guide for jig fishing. He didn’t let us down last year and this year was another phenomenal year with 50 plus fish a day for three days straight thanks to Nick and the infamous zig jig. If you truly want to have a blast and not sit there and wait for a strike indicator to go under while floating down the river then give jig fishing a try with Nick. My wife who hasn’t fished in the last 20 years caught 10 trout using the zig jig and Nick’s quick lessons on how to cast a spinning reel and work a jig. Thank you and see you in Reno in March.

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